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Kia EV 9

Re-envisioning all-electric SUV design
The Kia EV9 exudes a sense of serene contemporary calmness befitting a sophisticated EV for a new age of sustainable mobility.
Yet, it also portrays the confident surety of a bold SUV poised to conquer all conditions.
Game-changing E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform) & fourth-generation battery technology
Kia has taken full advantage of the EV9’s long wheelbase and the completely flat electric vehicle architecture afforded by its industry-transforming Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The result is a cabin with generous space for all occupants in all three rows to connect and relax with lounge-style comfort. Meanwhile, exemplary all-electric range is achieved thanks to the 76.1kWh battery offered exclusively with Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) ‘Standard’ model, and the 99.8kWh battery fitted in both the RWD ‘Long Range’ and All Wheel Drive (AWD) ‘Performance’ variants.
Boldness goes boundless
Digital tiger face
Indulge in EV9's minimal yet strong identity with digital tiger face on the front. The vertical headlamps enhance the width to create a sense of majesty, and the solid volume of the body-colored grille emphasizes the image of a 'tiger nose'.
Steering wheel design with emblem lighting
The illuminating emblem on the steering wheel emits the identity of Kia EV. Feel Kia's futuristic and innovative spirit in everyday driving.
Bridge-type roof rack
The black bridge-type roof rack not only provides a practical solution for cargo loading but also adds an off-road aesthetic.
21-inch wheel design exclusive for GT-Line
This is the wheel design exclusive for GT-Line. Its geometric square shape adds a special touch to EV9's unique beauty.
Spacious Beyond Compare
Electric–Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)
The EV9 is the first mid-size SUV based on Kia’s innovative E-GMP platform. The flat floor offers uncommon comfort and utility with entirely new level of spaciousness.
Full Flat Folding Seatbacks
The second and third row seatbacks can be folded fully flat by simply pressing a button for a convenien and spacious storage space which also be used for relaxation while the vehicle is stationary.
Relaxation Seats
Indulge in ultimate comfort with premium relaxion seats, which offer adjustable reclining and sliding, along with a leg rest. Dynamic body care provides a soothing massage for a truly relaxing journey.
Outperform than ever
Optimal driving performance
EV9 can travel up to 497 km on a single charge, with maximum power output of 385 PS for the AWD model equipped with 21 inch tires.
High efficient charging
Experience a seamless EV with innovative charging system. Charge up to 249km in just 15 minutes. (2WD long-range mode) With a fast 24-minute charge, the battery level rises from 10 to 80 percent - ensuring you are always ready to go.
Class-leading occupant protection
Using the world’s first patent pending B-pillar connection structure technology, an exceptionally robust body, EV9 ensures the ultimate safety for occupants.
Terrain mode
Select Terrain mode, and AI technology will interpret vehicle signals to react appropriately to surfaces like snow, mud or sand for safer driving in low-grip conditions.

Harga Kia EV 9

Type Harga
Kia EV 9 GT-Line Rp 1.975.000.000
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Rp 421.000.000
3 type available

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Rp 315.500.000
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Rp 943.000.000
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Rp 421.450.000
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Rp 1.314.000.000